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Why we’ve added Hypervolt to our range?

We’ve just taken on a new EV & full hybrid home charge point…
Because it provides something different to the existing range of home charge point’s we install.
So, what makes the ‘Hypervolt Home 2.0’ different?
Let’s cut to the chase. The main reason is. It’s got an option for a 10-metre tethered (attached) cable, which no other charge point we’ve come across provides.
The entry level has a 5-metre cable. But pay a little more you can get it with a 7.5-metre cable, and then pay a little bit more again and hey presto you’ve got it with a 10-metre cable.
Why’s this important?
Because not everyone can park close to where their charge point is located.
In this situation, people who need a longer cable to reach from the charge point to the car, have been buying a socketed charge point and then spending a further circa £200 on a 10-metre cable.
The Hypervolt solves this problem and takes the hassle away of having to un-socket (could get stolen) your charging cable every day, whilst providing a neat wrap around solution.
Aside of this, it’s a bloody good stylish charge point and represents decent value for money.
We’d compare it to a tethered Myenergie Zappi, although it’s quite a bit smaller and comes with solar connectivity (as well as load management) as standard.
Interestingly, when you compare the base model Hypervolt to a tethered Zappi, the Hypervolt is better value. But if you want solar connectivity, it then becomes much better value.
Even the 10-metre version is only a little more than a standard tethered Zappi with solar.
Couple of other important things. It’s 7Kw, type 1 or 2, UK manufactured, 3-year parts & labour warranty, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth, built in earthing and has a great app (with lock out and timed charging).
Currently there is a downside if you want to connect to battery stored electricity, it’s not ready yet. Although they tell us, it will be in their next product revision and can be easily fitted retrospectively.
As it’s manufactured in the UK, Hypervolt’s CEO has assured it’ll always be available within 2 weeks.
…I’m sure you agree it deserves ? & ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Alison Whitfield

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22 July 2021
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Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme

The scheme is currently open to applicants that:

  1. Rent their house or bungalow.
  2. Own or rent an apartment / flat.
  3. Are the landlord of a domestic rental property.
  4. Are a social housing provider.
  5. Has dedicated off-road parking at the property.
  6. Own or have ordered a qualifying vehicle.
  7. Have not previously claimed an OLEV grant.

Not sure if you are eligible?

Contact us to discuss your individual requirements.

Standard installation terms

  1. Fitting of an EV charger on a brick wall, or to another suitable permanent structure.
  2. Up to 10 metres of cable, run and neatly clipped to the wall between the electricity supply meter/distribution board and the charging unit.
  3. Supply meter/distribution board on the inside of an outside wall.
  4. Routing the cable through a drilled hole in a wall up to 500mm thick (if required).
  5. Fitting & testing of electrical connections & protections required for the EV charger.
  6. An additional three-way consumer unit (if required).
  7. Installation of a Type C MCB and a Type A RCD or a type A RCBO.
  8. No groundworks 

Not standard installation?

Contact us to discuss your individual requirements.