How to find your hidden expert secrets?

expert secrets

We all have something special inside us, if we use it right, we can change the world…

Information is a powerful tool. It can be used to attract interest, increase desire, demand attention, and to sell.

But information alone isn’t enough. It’s the skill-full application of the right information at the right time that can change your life.

‘Expert Secrets’ written by Russell Brunson, will teach you how to turn your specialised knowledge, talents and abilities into a successful business or as a lucrative extension to your existing business.

Brunson has masterfully laid out the steps to becoming a thought leader, allowing you to build a following of people who’ll pay for your information.

He gives you the concepts, the scripts, the technology, pretty much everything.

Branson explains. “Regular businesses can use the ‘Expert Secrets’ process to create and sell information.”

“Doctors, dentists, professional services, and even retail businesses can all use what they know to create useful information that attracts customers.”

Saying. “If you attach an information business to the front end of your existing business, you can reduce your customer acquisition costs to practically zero.”

Brunson has compiled decades of study and distilled the process down so you can succeed no matter where you’re starting from.

And you can do it all based on what you already know, with the help of the steps Brunson lays out.

‘Expert Secrets’ gets a thumbs up and 5 stars.

…thank you, any questions please connect and message me.


Alison Whitfield

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29 January 2021
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Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme

The scheme is currently open to applicants that:

  1. Rent their house or bungalow.
  2. Own or rent an apartment / flat.
  3. Are the landlord of a domestic rental property.
  4. Are a social housing provider.
  5. Has dedicated off-road parking at the property.
  6. Own or have ordered a qualifying vehicle.
  7. Have not previously claimed an OLEV grant.

Not sure if you are eligible?

Contact us to discuss your individual requirements.

Standard installation terms

  1. Fitting of an EV charger on a brick wall, or to another suitable permanent structure.
  2. Up to 10 metres of cable, run and neatly clipped to the wall between the electricity supply meter/distribution board and the charging unit.
  3. Supply meter/distribution board on the inside of an outside wall.
  4. Routing the cable through a drilled hole in a wall up to 500mm thick (if required).
  5. Fitting & testing of electrical connections & protections required for the EV charger.
  6. An additional three-way consumer unit (if required).
  7. Installation of a Type C MCB and a Type A RCD or a type A RCBO.
  8. No groundworks 

Not standard installation?

Contact us to discuss your individual requirements.