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When looking to start a new business look what frustrates people, and create a solution…

But you must make sure you bring any stakeholders with you, otherwise it’ll probably fail.

The Napster service specialised in sharing music on the internet, and it had a huge amount of digital content on tap that could be downloaded for free.

It was a refreshing change for people that had been strictly limited to physical audio sources for many years, like tapes, records, and CDs.

All that people needed was a free Napster account, and it chalked up a staggering 80 million registered user within 2 years.

One major problem, they didn’t do a deal with the main record labels, who ended up suing them for millions, and ended in bankruptcy in 2002.

Apple watched on, approached the record labels, and launched iTunes; the rest is history.

Although electric vehicles are in their infancy, people are frustrated with the level of service they receive from some EV charger installation companies.

Car dealerships particularly find it difficult to recommend a reliable EV charger installer to their electric car customers, because of long delays and poor-quality work.

So, we built an EV charger installation company with rigorous installation processes, and a 14-day installation guarantee, giving people certainty and peace of mind.

Our stakeholders are the EV charging unit manufacturers, and we’ve taken them with us on our journey, gaining approved installer accreditations and sharing our plans.

…when launching a business to solve a problem, make sure you take any stakeholders with you.


Alison Whitfield

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8 December 2020
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Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme

The scheme is currently open to applicants that:

  1. Rent their house or bungalow.
  2. Own or rent an apartment / flat.
  3. Are the landlord of a domestic rental property.
  4. Are a social housing provider.
  5. Has dedicated off-road parking at the property.
  6. Own or have ordered a qualifying vehicle.
  7. Have not previously claimed an OLEV grant.

Not sure if you are eligible?

Contact us to discuss your individual requirements.

Standard installation terms

  1. Fitting of an EV charger on a brick wall, or to another suitable permanent structure.
  2. Up to 10 metres of cable, run and neatly clipped to the wall between the electricity supply meter/distribution board and the charging unit.
  3. Supply meter/distribution board on the inside of an outside wall.
  4. Routing the cable through a drilled hole in a wall up to 500mm thick (if required).
  5. Fitting & testing of electrical connections & protections required for the EV charger.
  6. An additional three-way consumer unit (if required).
  7. Installation of a Type C MCB and a Type A RCD or a type A RCBO.
  8. No groundworks 

Not standard installation?

Contact us to discuss your individual requirements.